KMD Studio & Rehearsal Rooms

Terms & Conditions

Updated March 2024

Bookings & Payments

KMD require minimum 24 hours notice to reschedule, failure to do so will result in loss of session with payment immediately due in full via electronic transfer.

Payments become immediately due via electronic transfer when rescheduling a session. There are no situations where this will not be enforced and is not negotiable under any circumstances.

Any outstanding monies will need to be settled immediately before any future bookings can take place unless otherwise stated prior to your arrival or booking confirmation.

We do not operate any credit facilities, all monies are due on arrival at KMD and are currently payable in cash (notes only) due to the unreliable nature of a rural internet connection at the farm.


Damage or loss to equipment or property by misuse or theft will be charged for accordingly.

I allow the consumption of drinks in my rooms but would ask you keep all liquids away from our equipment at all times. You will be asked to remove cups & glasses away from equipment and any damage caused by ignoring policies will be charged for in full. This may require the cost of replacing items when repair is not possible/economically viable. Absolutely no foodstuffs to be consumed in Room 1 or Room 2.

Car Park

Beyond the car park and the studio is private property. Please only park in the confines of KMD’s car park and respect my neighbours privacy at all times.

You must park considerately, leave your vehicles behind your band mates and fill up from extreme left on arrival whenever possible. Max 5 vehicles per booking please.

During late sessions you must keep noise to a minimum when doors are open and also when you are outside the studio. All doors must be kept closed at all times when any music is playing and should always be closed after 10pm regardless unless loading & unloading.

You are welcome to use our car parking facilities but must be aware that while doing so KMD will not be held responsible for any damages resulting from such use.

We ask you to drive carefully whilst in the confines of Hazeldene Farm, KMD will not be held responsible for damage/injury to persons or vehicles whilst entering or leaving the farm. Please note that children and livestock may be out and about. A strict 10MPH speed limit is enforced and regularly monitored.


By booking with KMD you are agreeing to abide by a ‘Public Liability Waiver’. You are responsible for your own safety during your visit to KMD and Hazeldene Farm. KMD will not be held responsible for any personal loss or injury. Please be sensible and vigilant at all times particularly if in the care or company of young children etc.

You are responsible for your own property during your visit and KMD will not be held responsible for any losses thereof. We make every effort to ensure that any lost property is safely stored and returned to its rightful owner wherever possible.

Rehearsal Sessions

Our official peak evening sessions are 6pm until midnight 7 days a week.

All clients must keep to their allotted times, failure to do so will result in further charges to the nearest hour @ our premium hourly rate of £17.50

KMD reserve the right to change rooms to allow other bookings to take place.

In the event of equipment breakdown during a session KMD will do their utmost to ensure the session is able to continue. If this is not possible a refund for the affected timescale will be offered accordingly or another session offered where applicable.

KMD are not responsible for providing staff at the studio during your visit. All sessions are now entirely unstaffed unless otherwise arranged.

Should you lose any keys during your session the cost of replacements will be passed on accordingly.

Tampering with or damaging the CCTV system will result in the immediate termination of your session & will trigger alarms throughout the studio. You will still be charged in full for your session.

If items are not returned to where they belong, or not left in working condition, resulting in the next session not being able to take place, you may be charged accordingly.

All rubbish must go with you, bin bags can be found in the kitchen if required.

Excessive mess such as spills etc will be charged for, a box of cleaning materials can be found in the kitchen, please clean up after yourselves.

All attendees are required to read the info sent out during an original booking. The terms and conditions will be edited and updated here as required, we reserve the right to make changes at any time.

Clients are advised to check the website before every session in order to stay up to date. This is the sole responsibility of the client and when confirming a booking each and every client is clearly stating that they have read and agree with all terms and conditions.


KMD will not be held responsible for and are not able to guarantee the reliability of an internet connection / Wi-Fi signal during your visit.

KMD will not be held responsible for interruptions to local services (electrical, water, telephone, etc) where the underlying issues are beyond our control.

We very much hope you enjoy your time with us and thank you for your understanding and cooperation in connection with any information provided.